14 December 2005

The eye of Sauron

I think I know why Sauron was such an angry fellow in the Lord of the Rings trilogy. He must have had conjunctivitis (also known as "Red eye or pink eye). Just look at the movie - there is the eye with all those red bits radiating from the centre of the eye. It must have been really annoying.
This photo is of my eye. Luckily I don't have vast armies of evil creatures to unleash on the world. With some drops and time the eye should clear up but the hardest part is to avoid touching my eye with my fingers.
Also, I must only use tissues that do not get re-used. And wash my hands often and don't use towels as this may spread the infection. And don't start fights with the forces of good. That will really ruin your day.

1 comment:

DavidofOz said...

Aaargh! Now both eyes are red. Where are my angry minions?