30 December 2005

Drive through joy

When we lived in the US the locals sometimes had trouble with what they called our "accent". I tried to explain that Australians don't actually have an accent, only everyone else does, but no-one would believe me.
This made ordering food via the drive through or phone orders effectively a random order generator. Even with what I thought was a pretty bad imitation of a local accent, it was still easier to just go to the shop and talk in person. If all else failed we could point to the item in question. Also we sometimes received free stuff because of the novelty of our so-called accent.
The cinema we visited today didn't have working drink machines or ice because of the drought and water restrictions currently in force in Goulburn.
So today we went through the drive through on the way home to get some ice-creams and a drink. Woohoo! The small pleasures in life.

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