15 December 2005

Birthday Ice Cream Cake

This is the best way to have an ice cream cake big enough for all the family and friends and fit within a budget.
Get a 4 litre (1 gallon) container of ice-cream and turn it upside down. Then decorate it and plonk down a few candles.
Decorating with lollies (candies) is the best as each child then wants their piece with a lolly or two. We used a marshmallow at each corner, grated chocolate on the edges, red and blue M&Ms on the top and 100's and 1000's (cake decorations/ sprinkles) on the sides.
And the best thing is that there is no cooking required and no cake left over after the icing has been licked off. Just eat it quick before it melts!


Cay Gibson said...

Does your ice cream come in square containers or is the photo giving off an illusion?

We only have round containers. I guess they could work weel too.

Nifty idea!

DavidofOz said...

The icecream comes in square(ish) containers. When we were in the US we used the half gallon icecream containers as they were nice and square. With the party today we did it again and the four litre "cake" was all eaten by the twenty four guests. No leftovers! (or seconds)