15 December 2005

Anti Airborne Fruit Eaters defences

Our apple trees have finally started to bear fruit. Now we have to defend this prime crop from the birds. Last year the birds enjoyed the whole crop whilst Lana's parents were away. The family minding our house whilst we were away were unable to get even one ripe apple.
This time we bought some bird netting and plastic poles to cover the trees. As we all helped erect the shroud Clare commented excitedly, "It's like a wedding!" She pulled all the corners out very carefully so it was even more like a bride's wedding dress train. Dad tied a rope around from the poles to the tree so it wouldn't blow away and then tied knots in Clare's lovely "trains" and put a brick on each corner so the birds couldn't get underneath.
Phew! After all this effort I hope the apples taste OK.

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