25 December 2005

A changed look

The top part of our web page looked a little bland so I had an idea for a new look. At about 6:30pm the sun is low in the sky making the shadows look really interesting. I had everyone go outside and line up on our not very busy street. Lana and I were in the middle holding Rose up and others are supposed to have their hand by their sides not touching their neighbour in the line. This was the best shot. (The second photo shows us all lined up getting ready.)

Then I had to trim the shot so that it would fit in the banner of 800 x 150 pixels. This is the information in the blog template. The way I learn basic html stuff is to have a look at what others have done on their sites. If you ever want to see the code that makes up a web page go to "View Source" in the browser menus.

I next had to add the title "Bruggie Tales" to the picture and make sure it was legible. I did this in Appleworks but any image or drawing program would do. Then I moved it into iPhoto and exported it to just the size I wanted: 800 x 150 pixels. This made it a very small file (90k) which would load easily on anyone's computer - even via dialup. The result is a more colourful heading, hopefully setting it out a bit more from the crowd.

What do you think?


JoAnna said...

Love the new look! And a very Merry Christmas to you all! I love reading about your family. You inspired me to try to keep us with blogging a little more now. We break ground on the new house next week--- finally!

DavidofOz said...

Thanks Joanna.
We saw that the finance finally came throuugh on your house-to-be. Lana asked me why we do Bruggie Tales and I explained it is a living history that our grandkids will enjoy! And it is fun to share with so many of our friends from differeing time zones around teh world.

Cay Gibson said...

So Excellent!

Kudos to you and Michele Q. of Family-Centered Learning for doing some top-notch banners.

And thanks for the explanation as well. One day---when I get time---I'd like to do something like it on my blog.

Friar Suppliers said...

I think it looks great. What a clever idea! Thanks for writing how you managed it, I am going to try it myself one of these days.

Merry Christmas to the lovely Bruggeman family!