23 December 2005

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

We all went out this evening after dark to see some of the Christmas lights. The temperature had dropped to the mid 20s (75F or so) and it was lovely. This house went quite overboard for our little village so I felt he deserved a photo.

Lana mentioned to me last night that it's starting to feel like Christmas. Why? Because of all the normal Christmas things such as:
  • Hot weather in the 30's (high 80Fs to 90Fs)
  • fans blowing the air around the house
  • businesses preparing to close for two weeks
  • nativity sets are out
  • christmas lights all over houses
  • Christmas cards from people all over
  • Christmas greetings from clients and friends (not so much seasons greetings - in Australia the common greeting is Merry Christmas)
  • Preparing for the family dinner on Christmas day - cold meats, summer fruit, lots of lollies (candy) and chocolates, ice cream, pavlova and cool drinks.
  • decorations slowly appearing on the tree
  • the children starting to wonder where presents might be hidden
  • the morning ritual of looking for the figures of Mary and Joseph as they move around the house getting to the stable
  • preparing for midnight mass
  • organising for the Christmas carols to begin playing once Christmas eve starts
  • Christmas plants such as red hot pokers and agapanthus flowering just in time
  • Santa Clauses sweating profusely in inappropriate red fur lined clothes.
This time we have no confusions such as snow and cold to change what Christmas is really about!

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