7 December 2005

Comparative Medicine - updated

I noticed that my earlier post was noticed by an English blogger, so I better include UK prices in my comparisons too! He mentioned the doctors appointment was free, and the prescription was £7. This works out to about $16.20 Aust or $12.10 US.

We really have a hybrid public/private system in Australia. That way we try to get the best of both - a health safety net for everyone, with access to specialist care and services for those who don't want to wait. Also enough scope for profit to allow innovation, and an Insurance industry which hasn't taken over the system. Also, we get the bad parts of government sloppiness and bureaucracy, but that compares to the sea of paperwork of the monolithic private Insurance Industry (note the capitals!)
Still, it is very scary in the US without any health cover. Our health insurance cost $1400 (US) per month!

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