19 December 2005

Cinderella by Clare

Every night Clare asks Ariel to tell her a story. Sometimes Ariel convinces Clare to tell a story. Tonight Clare told the story of Cinderella:

Once upon a time there was al.ittle grl called Cinderella and her mum died. Her dad married again and she had two daughters and when they had grown up they had big feet. The next morning there was a ball and the step sisters didn't want her to go because they wanted to be Cinderella. ["Isn't that right?" Clare asked Ariel, "What's next?"]
Ariel continued: The fairy godmother came and said "Stop crying. You can go the ball but you have to back by midnight." So she put a very pretty dress on Cinderella and made a coach and Cinderella went to the ball.

Clare went on: She went to the ball and went in the ball and the prince said "She's the prettiest." And then it was midnight and Cinderella went away and left one of her slippers. The prince tried it on all the ladies and the last people were the step sisters. But it didn't fit. Then Cinderella said, "Can I have a go?" [and the sisters said] "She's just a servant". [The prince said] "Let her have a go". They tried it on her and it fit, they put the dress back on her, they got married and lived happily ever after.
Not bad for a four year old I guess. I have added the parts in [italics] to provide some context. Ariel has told the story a number of times and Clare quite likes it.

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