25 December 2005

Behold a child is born this night

Saturday was the last day preparing for Christmas. After we all attended confession and morning Mass I did some last minute shopping whilst Lana went home for some cooking to prepare for Christmas day. The plan is to do NO cooking on the day as we want the house to remain cool. We have made plenty of ice (the same amount which would last about an hour at normal American usage) and drinks and food are cooling in the fridge.
The children and Lana went to bed early. I woke them all up at about 11:00pm ready for Midnight Mass. Peter didn't really wake up very well. I told him to go to wash his face and hands and go to the toilet as that should help him awaken. He did that and hopped right back in bed!
We made it to Mass and we all enjoyed celebrating the birth of Jesus. A figure of baby Jesus was brought up near the beginning of Mass by a couple of girls and Father placed him in the crib. As you can see the nativity setting has a certain Australian flavour. The Southern Cross in the background, a tin roof and watertank with windmill and even a kangaroo and wombat were placed near the front.
After Mass there were some celebratory food and drinks and the children played spotlight with the other families. We have just arrived home. The younger children were surprised to see all the presents under the tree that weren't there when we left for Mass. Also, baby Jesus was suddenly in each of the nativity sets!
Now to sleep.
On Christmas day we are holding our Nativity play and having friends and family over. Now it's time to celebrate for the next 12 days of Christmas! Woo hoo!

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