26 December 2005

Nativity Play 2005

Christmas day was most enjoyable. After going to bed at 2:30 am (see here) James entered out room at 7:15am wishing us a Merry Christmas! The Christmas Carols were playing but we had a loophole: Clare was still asleep! "Give us an hour" we mumbled and actually had 45 minutes before Clare awoke.
Then we called in Lana's parents who shared in the present opening. Our rules for this are that Ariel and Eric alternate in reading the labels and handing out one present at a time. We all get to see the new present being unveiled and the next one is passed. That way everyone gets to share in the suspense and joy and the whole thing lasts a little longer.
At about 10:00am our first visitor arrived, a good priest friend of ours, so we called Lana's parents back over and performed the Nativity play. It all went well, especially our scene changing fairy (Clare) who announced "The Angels appear to Jofus" amongst all the scene headings.
By Midday Lana's brother and sister and their families had arrived and we were able to sit down for our Christmas lunch. Cold chicken, pork and ham, rice salad, potato salad, lettuce & tomato salad. Yummo. Later we had dessert of Mango cheesecake, Chocolate cheesecake, Broken glass (a jelly dessert that looks like stained glass windows), ice cream, fruit salad cheesecake and lemon merangue pie. Perfect!

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