27 January 2015

Rainy day? No problem.

Are you thinking what I'm thinking?
On a typical Summer's day we have lots of rain which means the children have to stay indoors. Now this could be a challenge for some, but our young lads had a plan. They were quietly industrious for a while which is always a potentially dangerous thing so we popped over to investigate.
They had made a pretty impressive fort with all the cushions and blankets.
It's good having brothers.

3 January 2015

Staying Cool on a Hot Day

"What next, Opa?"
On a hot day it is important to get into the gardening before the sun gets too high. So Martin and then Zach helped Opa tending the garden, gathering ripe vegetables and trimming and digging as required.
As the sun rose, Zach worked out a very natural way to stay cool.  He discovered the perfect leaf with which to provide just the right amount of shade. He then proceeded to wear it outside and inside until it perished through wear and tear.
Do you like my hat?