11 December 2005

Another Family Activity

Yesterday we spent some time getting ready for Eric's birthday party next week. He is having a wargaming party when some of his friends will be coming over and playing Lord of the Rings wargaming.
We undercoated with spray paint lots of the orcs, elves, men of Gondor, Rohirrim, goblins and the rest of the crew. Then Ariel, Eric, James, Peter and I began painting the figires in more detail. This all started when Eric visited the Games Day in Atlanta earlier this year.
This photo shows the model of Faramir I painted. The Games Workshop site gives examples of how to paint all the figures which we use as a starting point. My style is different to the "layered" method Games Workshop prefers, but the results work out pretty well.
Ariel painted her batch of yucky orcs quite well.

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