22 December 2005

In search of Treacle

Since making the yummy Treacle/Molasses biscuits (cookies) we needed to get some more Treacle. In the last two weeks I have visited many supermarkets and after searching various aisles I find the exact spot where Treacle (*) is supposed to be sold. And there are none in stock! Aargh! - five different supermarkets during pre Christmas shopping.
As we wanted to make those biscuits again, Lana's dad went shopping and found it at a supermakerket in the middle of renovations. With cables dangling from the ceiling, no signs on display indicating where any products may be located and just a maze of shelving, Dad the intrepid explorer went in. He figured if non-one else can find anything there may be some treacle left. They did, so he bought us three jars.
Ha! Now we can make them again!

(*) Treacle is also known as "fancy molasses" in other parts of the world.

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