9 December 2005

I stomp on your floppy disks. Bah!

In going through all of my computer gear I came across a drawer of floppy disks. This is a good time to transfer their contents to something more stable. Of all the disks at least one third were no good, one third OK and the balance has some damage. These were all stored reasonably well and the salvage rate was terrible.
Are any of your backups on floppy disk? Quickly see if you can restore the data and put it on something more contemporary. If you are currently backing up to floppy disk, STOP. Use a USB drive which has more space, is faster and is much more stable.
The best thing for floppy disks are as children's toys. You can make castles, forts, patterns and so on. They also make a nice clatter sound when thrown onto the floor. Rose is showing the contempt all floppy disks deserve!

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DavidofOz said...

I had a mix of Macintosh and PC disks. I tried them first on an old Mac which had the best success and then on the PC. Once I had them off I moved them to my current PC. Many of the old programs and games I didn't bother with as they won't work on current hardware.
And Rose is pretty cute! Thanks.