17 December 2005

A joey comes to our birthday party

Today we had a birthday party and had two families join us. This made about 24 people all told plus one bonus visitor. One of our friends saw a very recently dead kangaroo on the roadside and went to investigate. In the pouch was a joey which would surely have died if he hadn't been found. So they rigged a makeshift pouch from an old jumper (sweater) with the sleeves tied up. (you can see the clothes hanger is still attached so it can be hung up) They are feeding him from a bottle regularly and he seems quite happy. To make sure it is more like being fed in his pouch, they hold him tight closing his eyes and the joey sucks away merrily.

This photo is of little Ella enjoying the joey's attention. (The bandage is a result of her getting too close to the wrong part of a toaster. Ow.) Her look indicates how much she is enjoying the Joey's company!

The older boys spent the day wargaming Lord of the Rings, whilst other children played on the trampoline, played bingo, built Lego, or just ran around playing whatever games they thought fun. The adults had a great time chatting and enjoying each others company. Basically a typical gathering using a birthday party for the excuse.

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