13 December 2005

Garden Beds for all

Lana's dad has built three new garden beds. Today was the day each bed is filled with a nourishing soil mix of manure, mushroom compost, noral dirt and whathever fertilizer would make vegetable plants happy.
All the children helped with each garden bed assigned to two children. Here Rose is "helping" by plonking a toy fellow into the watering jug. At least she will if she lets go before James works out what she is doing!
Soon we'll see what begins to grow.


Cay Gibson said...

So strange to see your guys walking around barefoot and in summer garb, while we're here freezing (yes, even in Louisiana) in 40 degree weather and ice-prickly rain.


So neat to be able to "visit" Australia via the Internet.

DavidofOz said...

Lana's dad starts on the garden around 6 in the morning - before the sun comes up and it starts getting too hot.
Hats and appropriate clothing are the go!