28 January 2014

An Unexpected Christmas

I know this is a little after Christmas, but the children still enjoying watching this great little video performed by a bunch of children about how God's plan for the first Christmas was so unexpected.

20 January 2014

It's raining - no watering today!

We love our jobs.  Really.
While Opa and Grandma are travelling the task of watering is taken on by the younger children.  Opa created a detailed list of what is to be watered, how much is required and how often it should be done.  All conveniently located on the fridge.
I don't know why this wasn't done in a spreadsheet, but then I'm just a computer guy!
The most important part of the chart is the top line:
"Unless rain previous day more than 5mm".
Last night, after a long period of hot and dry weather, large drops of water were heard outside.  With an excited run this morning, the children checked the rain gauge.
"Yes! We had more than 5mm.  God watered for us!"
5.5mm is definitely more than 5mm so they had a day off from watering.  Zach still held on to their new duck watering can. He looked up at the gauge and the cheering children and decided he would use his can anyway and poured some water on to the ground.  Cool.
The chart in detail.  Even includes which strawberries to pick.
The original chart was photocopied and placed in a plastic sleeve.  This is taken out with the children when they water so they can't say "We forgot what to do."
If it gets destroyed, we have the original ready to be photocopied again.  Now that is planning based on experience.