8 December 2005

My Apprentice

Today was Ariel's first work day. One of my clients needed some assistance with filing and office management so I arranged for Ariel to attend with me on my next visit.
Naturally she was very nervous and had a restless sleep last night. I have been helping this client for over 12 years so we know each other pretty well and he has spoken to Ariel on the phone before and have visited us socially too.
Today meant waking at 6:30am and leaving at 7:00am for a two hour drive to Sydney. Then a busy day before leaving at 5:00pm for a two hour drive home. A very long day to first experience work.
Ariel did very well, creating the folders and files as well as labelling and sorting. She did so well she can come with me next week too. This has been a good opportunity to experience life in the workforce, but in a controlled way. This isn't a full time thing, maybe it will be a day or two a month which fits in well with her existing studies. We intend to provide a rounded education and this works very well all round.

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