24 June 2005


After arriving home safe and sound from our vacation (just) we unpacked and unwound on Monday and Tuesday I went down to a client in Southern Georgia - 6 hours drive away.

So whilst I worked, Lana and the children had a week off school and enjoyed going nowhere. Rose walked all over the house grinning at her new found freedom, drooling with indications of another tooth coming in. The boys enjoyed playing outside and making lots of creations in Lego whilst Ariel enjoyed catching up on some reading.

I returned via Sam's Club (a bulk warehouse, related to the Walmart mega shopping cabal) with plenty of frozen and bulk goods as well as some Star Wars "incredible cross section" books for the boys. The boys have been making newer and more amazing Lego Star Wars creations ever since.

I was surprised to see a dedicated in car GPS system at Sam's for around $700. This was a comparatively good price, yet I was glad to compare to my GPS thingy (Garmin iQue 3600) which was under $400 after the Audible credit - and it is a full Palm based organiser too.

Now we have had some time to reflect on our very busy trip, I have a few articles to post.

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