4 June 2005

Day 8 - almost Niagara Falls

From our stay in Corning we travelled North to Rochester. The plan was to meet a family we have know remotely for over seven years and then visit Niagara Falls. Ariel had been emailing their daughter since then.
It was an amazing experience actually seeing people we had been corresponding with for so long. We ended up having too much fun to cut short just to see some water falling over an edge. We'll get some postcards. We see falls in miniature every time we have baths anyway!
Our early plans were to cut across Canada to get to Michigan. However, all we would need is a border control guy having a bad day and we could be gtrapped in canada. We had too many complications (Rose has no passport, Lana's passport was with the Washington Australian embassy as part of the processing of Rose's Australian citizenship application). So we went through Ohio.

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