7 June 2005

A geography lesson

The Chicago leg of our journey coincided perfectly with a customer appreciation and training day organised by one of our Greentree dealers. We had discussed what was happening, and I was to be there for the afternoon session to assist with the report writing training. The day was being held at Miller Park and we were going to attend a baseball game at the park after the sessions.
The hotel had been arranged in a central spot in Chicago as per the dealer's suggestion, so I could visit some clients with them the next day or two.
We arrived at the hotel after a reasonably long and hot drive and I called the dealer asking how far away Miller Park was. He asked, "Are you in Chicago?". I replied, "Yes". He said, "We're in Milwaukee". "So Miller Park isn't in Chicago?"
Any American with knowledge of baseball will laugh at my lack of knowledge, as Miller park is the home of the Milwaukee Brewers baseball team. It is 1.5 hours North of Chicago.
So, I arranged to meet them there with Ariel. Unfortunately, as I had not planned on visiting Milwaukee, I had not loaded the detailed maps for that area into the GPS thingy - just the base map which has major roads. So we followed the signs and found ourselves at Miller Park, whilst Lana and the rest of the children relaxed at the hotel and experienced a Chicago Deep Pan pizza.

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