27 June 2005

Reading to new heights

Now that it is Summer, and the schools are out, the local libraries all have Summer Reading programs. Each week a library employee reads to the children, and they have a variety of incentives and prizes for attending the weekly session, other library visits and also reading. The children are really enjoying getting involved in the local Library.
We go there often anyway and the Young Harris library is marvellous, filled with a treasure trove of great books, the staff are always helpful and we go through lots of books - especially Ariel.
One of the prizes was donated by a local business called Funworld. It has a variety of entertainment for the children including rock climbing (pictured), laser tag, mini golf, a foam room where the children can shoot foam balls at each other or into the air, slides and a jumping castle (called a "moonwalk" in the US).
The free tickets saved us a LOT of money and we had great fun for about 3 hours. The older three children talked me into joining them in Laser tag. There were the four of us against four others. Ariel scored the highest, although the other team just beat us.
All in all, not bad prizes to encourage us to read!

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