8 June 2005

Day 12 - A rest day

Today was a VERY hot day in Chicago. The local dealer wasn't able to arrange for any client visits so we had a rest day. We went to visit the local mall and wander around. One of the shops was "Build A Bear Workshop". This store allows the customer to pick a teddy bear and then stuff it, record a personal sound into a voicebox, add a heart, brush and fluff it and dress it. You can then register and name the bear and a little electronic tag is placed inside so if the bear is lost it can be returned. Quite an amazing marketing idea. Whilst we were there many customers came through the door. There are a couple of chairs on the side near the front where dads can sit and wait.
After mostly window shopping we retired to the pool and then an interesting round about route to find a restaurant. The information on restaurants in my GPS thingy isn't always the latest so the first two restaurants we went to had been moved or replaced. So, knowing we could find our way back, we went in random directions until we found what we were looking for.

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