7 June 2005

Baseball Lessons

We arrived at the car park with about a million other cars and began our long walk to the stadium. The dealers met us at the front, laughing at my geography lesson, and led us to the suite. I did get to meet some of clients with which I had been dealing and learned some important baseball information.
Statistics Rules - everything has a statistic and considering that baseball is essentially a very simple game, it allows for everyone to gather expectations based on past performances - number of hits, times out, batting averages and so on. But the game can still drag on so there is entertainment and distractions often.
This photo is of the Miller's Racing Sausages. These fellows dressed in cartoon sausage costumes line up and have a race around the field. Everyone picks a favorite and cheers and the scoreboard goes crazy for the winner. Then the statistics appear on the scoreboard the number of wins/losses per sausage.

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