11 June 2005

Day 15 - a new experience

We arranged to meet a few other homeschooling families at a local park and as it was hot we started early. Under the shade of the well established trees there was a lovely breeze. We met two families, one with 5 children and about to have another any moment now (her husband told her to sit down as he was busy today), and another lady who has 8 children. Lots of playing and lunch.
On the way home Eric was in our host's car next to their little 4 month old baby who was crying a lot.
Eric is very good with entertaining babies, especially with his experience with Rose, but 4 month old babies are hard to distract.

In a hurry to get home and take care of her our host was going a little over the speed limit. I noticed a sherriff car approach us and then go past and do a U turn. With lights flashing we pulled over to let him pass, but he stopped and got out. He approached me and asked for my license and insurance papers and whether we were together. He then went to our host. Hearing the crying baby he said "Sorry to pull you over, Maam.." and went through the formalities. He checked the licenses and insurance on their database and then told our host he wouldn't issue a ticket, just a warning.

Our host was very embarrassed, but we just laughed and appreciated another experience for our trek.

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