9 June 2005

Baraboo - Home of the cow pie

As we weren't sick from or previous exposures we were free to continue. So we contacted our next hosts in Wisconsin and asked if they were available a day early. This trip had been arranged only a few days prior to the start of our trek. The Wisconsin families asked if I was coming their way, Lana and I looked at the map and replied, "300 miles extra - no worries!"
It was another really hot day and we were glad to escape Chicago. After paying lots of tolls we made it to Baraboo - Home of the Cow Pie!
Cow pies are the term normally reserved for cow outputs, but at the Baraboo Candy Co they referred to very nice chocolate puddles with caramel and nuts. The chocolate is very nice so we purchased some but our problem was storing so it would last. Ice in the cooler bag would be our choice. We'll see how that goes.

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