5 June 2005

Day 9 - OH to Michigan (MI)

Day 9 ended very peacefully at our host's home in Michigan. They had just finished hosting another family friend who had eleven children for the previous nine days, and there was a rampaging stomach virus going through both families during that time. Aargh!! Danger!
But we called and confirmed and there had been no illness for the last day or so. We had a couple of rest days planned after seeing them so we decided to visit anyway. As we arrived, the children noticed the pool had been set up, so both sets of children jumped in. We wouldn't have jumped in as the water was still quite cold, but it's a pool so the children didn't care.
The adults sat under the shade of nearby trees and began to know each other better. This was very relaxing after a relatively short (2.5 hours) car drive. The children got on very well together - as expected - and Eric was able to start a game of Lord of the Rings Battle game with their oldest son.

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