2 June 2005

Floral Hedge

Now this is a great tree to have for a hedge. It is about 12 foot high, it is an evergreen, has lush flowers all over and - the best part for the children - it is hollow inside like a fort!
This was at another homeschooling family's home where we dropped in for their meeting. About 15 families were there with lots of children. This is about half of the local homeschooling group. These families all have around 4 to 8 children and our children were running around with the others in moments.
Ariel found some more girls about her age so she was happy. Clare spent most of the time with some other little girls playing with dolls and the boys were up trees, on bikes, playing cops and robbers and eating.
Lana and I were enjoying ourselves meeting more homeschooling families and hearing more diverse American accents. And they think we have an accent!
I have a theory - as Australia has a consistent way of speaking English, whilst the US has a plethora of different accents, that must mean they have accents and not us! No one buys this theory but it sounds good.

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