26 June 2005

Bookmarks are so yesterday

One of our local friends gave me a wonderful birthday present a few months back. It was a container of "Book Darts" These wonderful little things are paper thin bronze clips in the shape of an arrow that serve as book marks. They are slid on to the page and point to the line at which you left the book, and - best of all - the little children have great difficulty removing them. There are 50 in the little can and all the family gets to use them.

The times where someone yells, "Who took my bookmark!" are over.

Update: Ariel just read this and said, "No it's not!". Rose opens the book until she finds the book dart and then flicks it off with her thumb after a number of attempts. So, the best we can say is that it's harder for the litte ones to remove the book dart!

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