28 June 2005

Do you call that a drought?

We have been keeping in touch with conditions back home and mentioned to our friends in the US that Australia still has huge areas in drought. This normally gets a brief recognition, but little more. Upon further investigation I think the word "drought" in the US is over-used and can normally be translated as "Dry Spell" in Australia.
Here is a photo of Lake Pejar, the source of water for Goulburn which is a large inland town not far from where our home is in NSW. Have a look and then come back.

See the level of water? Namely - none. The swimming pools are closed and the nearest pools are in Canberra, about an hour's drive away.
Our water supply is rain water. Rain hits the roof and runs into the water tanks. As our house is not on town water, when we built our house we calculated our water usage based on our water bills from Sydney and had capacity for about nine months usage. That is, we created enough water storage so that if the water tanks were full we could survive nine months with no rain. If we run out, it has to be trucked in and loaded into the tanks.

Please include Australia in your prayers. Rain would be nice.

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