6 June 2005

Day 10 - Best Laid Plans ...

The day started off with Mass. Because I could, I plotted our route on the GPS thingy so the track wouild be recorded for later reference. Our host's older son was serving so they had left earlier in the dad's car whilst all the rest followed. The youngest daughter of our host was feeling tired so the mother stayed at the back.
We enjoyed the Mass, but near the consecration our host's son left the altar and went down the side aisle.
Once Mass was over we said hello to the priest and began looking for our hosts.
There was a celebration at the church to welcome a newly ordained priest (eight days earlier). This priest was originally from the area and had made his first Holy Communion at this church. He had been enlisted and working in the 101st Airborne (you know - those tough army guys that jump out of planes and try to be in front of the front line) but discerned a calling to the priesthood.
We were going to join in but we couldn't find our hosts. They were
nowhere to be seen. Both cars and all the family (eight of them) were gone.
Eric then mentioned that the altar boy son had actually thrown up in Church halfway down the aisle before he could exit, and figured they had returned home to deal with the sick children. So we left too, following our trusty GPS thingy.
Meanwhile, the dad had returned to the church to clean up and find us. He called his wife telling her "They're not here! What's happened!". She wisely told him, "The Bruggie's have probably started home. They know where we live and are used to changing plans." She was right.
So we had a very laid back day at their place. The sick boy had a good sleep and was a lot better later on. We heard their music and looked into various books and curriculum, and generally enjoyed each other's company.
Another fine day.

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