7 June 2005

Compulsory Exercise

At the seventh inning all patrons are asked to stand up and sing the baseball song. The words are placed on the very large scoreboard and everyone sings along.
The mascot and one of the racing sausages dance in their box and everyone sings and shouts.
You can see how large the screen is when the little dots in the bottom right corner of the photo are people (click to enlarge).
One of the dealer's customers was kindly explaining a lot of the statistics and game concepts to Ariel and I. This certainly helped us understand the game better and get more interested in the outcome.
Before the game began, whilst I was chatting to the dealers and some of their customers, Ariel was chatting with one of the dealer's staff whom I had been dealing with for some time. As we had only chatted via text messanging, it was a while before she realised that I was an Australian when I let it slip. I wonder what Ariel and her talked about whilst I wasn't listening?

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