2 June 2005

Day 6 - More New York

We were able to start the day with Mass at the local Church. This is a beautiful little church with Polish priests. Our local priests in Australia are also Polish so the accent was very familiar.
On the way out an older lady held the door open for us. As Peter came out he gave her a hug. This is what he does at our parish and he must have thought she would like a hug too! The look on her face was a delight to behold.
We then had breakfast and refueled the car. The gas station was a real full service station - and the price was lower than the self serve a short distance away. This was some 1st of the month deal. It pays to be a local and know about these things.
Then we had the bad news. The family we were to stay with had two children down with 102F fevers and vomiting! Aaarrggh! So that was cancelled. The older children who weren't yet sick were very upset with the younger siblings and they wanted to play with their new friends again. One can't always plan when the children get sick, so we rescheduled things. We would leave the homeschooling gathering early, escape New York and stay somewhere a bit North of Long Island.
But the homeschooling gathering was too much fun for the children and us so we dallied and we dillied. One of the homeschooling mothers offered us a room at their place which we decided to accept. Once the day gets to 4:00pm, one may as well wait until 7:00pm before leaving to avoid the traffic. One of the families lived 30 minutes away, but stayed at the gathering until 7:00pm to save an hour or more extra driving.
We had dinner with our new friends and a good chat, the children played, but as they only had dial up Internet and I had to solve an issue for an Australian client that night, we defaulted back to plan B (from Plan C).
We finally arrived at our Hotel at 10:15pm, put the children (and Lana) in bed, I helped the client and we were all snoring by midnight.

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