12 March 2006

Bruggies scoop the Pavilion!

All the prizes for jobs well done
Lana and the children put in many entries into the Pavilion of the Robertson Show. As in past shows at Berry and Bowral all entries did very well.
The Pavilion part of the show is to give locals a chance to display their skills in areas as diverse as needlework, cooking, flowers, photography, artwork, doll making, weaving, gardening and almost anything one can do with one's hands!
As you can see by the photo we received many prizes. All except me! I only entered some photos. Digital photography has resulted in a growth of interest in photography and there was a large number of entries and strong competition.
Lana received First and Champion Counted Thread for her Celtic Spring and also Highly Commended for her EMS Poppies. She was awarded First for the Ross Horse Head and her Rose was awarded Second (Both won prizes at the Berry show too). There was a full size version of the Horse and it was very large. As Lana did hers one over one, the normal two over two version was four times the size.
The Baby Animal Quilt was awarded First in Cross stitch on Aida material.
Ariel was awarded First and Champion for her Baby Book, as well as an encouragement award of a mug with a handle in the shape of a cat filled with lollies. "Oh no!" Ariel said when she saw the lollies. "It's Lent and I won't be able to eat any until Easter!" She was also awarded First in tapestry for Tom Mouse (pictured here) and First for her shawl which you saw in progress. Lana's shawl didn't win anything. :-(

Peter's Elusive Outlaw and Ariel's Tom Mouse
Ariel also won First for her Christmas card (pictured here). When we picked up our entries we were told that the Judge was tossing up whether to award the champion award for Ariel's card or another entry.
Eric won First for his Knight in the 12 and under cross stitch, and First for his scones which came with a little trophy. His photo of Rose with a grape stuck on her nose was given a Highly Commended award.
James was awarded Second for his scones (against Eric) and First in Junior Photography - Family member for Peek a boo. His photo was also awarded an encouragement award of $10!

Ariel's Christmas Card and Clare's Bear
Peter won First for a plate of Anzac Biscuits and a small trophy and for that most elusive outlaw he received a Highly Commended certificate.
Last but not least Clare won Second for her bear and Rose was given a little sticker saying "Congratulations for entering good work in the show".
When Lana picked up all of our entries, one of the stewards asked her if she was "the lady with all those talented children?". Once Lana determined that it was indeed her, all she could do was reply with a blush and smile.

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