7 February 2006

Berry Show: Petit Point Tapestry

Lana is most outstanding!
As promised, here are some of the articles we entered into the Berry show. This tapestry category is "article in petit point". This means a picture stitched on very fine material. Lana finished the horse before we left for the US, and it looked like a horse Lana's family owned when she was a teenager.
Lana won the "Most Outstanding Exhibit - Tapestry". (Cheers from the crowd!)
When we picked up our exhibits after the show there was a note from an admirer asking Lana to give him a call to either buy or commission another one of this work.

Click for an even closer look
I don't think he realises the cost it will be. If we calculate the hours times a reasonable hourly rate the value is quite a lot. Very few are willing to pay this much.
The pattern is from the designer Graeme Ross.

A Rose in a Tea Garden
This Rose is from the Tea Garden set by Lavender and Lace. This won second prize, meaning Lana scooped the competition.

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