5 March 2006

What Big Brothers are for ...

Up, up and away!
Today the boys set up their own see-saw using an old wooden spindle remaining from the electrical wiring when the house was built and an old plank of wood.

With Peter at one end, Eric jumped on the other, letting Peter fly!

How much fun it is having siblings as playmates!

(Note that Peter is wearing winter camouflage gear overlayed with his "chainmail" and gum boots. The weather is 35C/95F, but it doesn't seem to worry the younger boys who would rather wear the right gear.)


Melissa O. Markham said...

I am an only child and always wanted a big brother to watch out for me. Now I have two children and they came in the order I always thought was perfect, boy then girl. And it gladdens my heart when I see him helping her with a task or chore or when she reciprocates. They also have great fun playing together. I hope that camaraderie lasts through their teen age years.

Great photo.

meredith said...

I love this! Hmm..How would this work with two feet of snow still on the ground?? How resourceful they are, my boys would 7 and almost 4 would love to do this too! Thanks for a fun post.