18 March 2006

Snail Trails

Hey Dad! I can see much further from up here!
Our neighbour across the road popped in today and offered us a very large pumpkin. They had a huge pumpkin vine that had started from stray seeds in their compost pile and the large pumpkin was the result. We cheerfully accepted and gave them some cucumbers which we had grown in our garden.
In some of the grooves in the pumpkin skin we found these two very small snails. I convinced Clare to put them on her hand so I could take some photos.
She was very brave.
Despite her nervousness she was fascinated with the really little snail which climbed up on to the back of the slightly larger snail. You can see how small the snails are when you compare it to Clare's (4 years old) thumb.
Not long after this photo she felt a little of the snail trail on her hand and shuddered the snails onto the table. Then both Rose and Clare peered at them closely, watching them slime away.

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