3 March 2006

Celtic Spring - Framed

The Lavender & Lace's Celtic Spring, which we have shown before, is now framed! Lana is doing a happy dance.

Now. Where to put it?


Bretta said...

I like your choice of teal linen for the background rather than the willow green as shown on the original pattern...very nice!

DavidofOz said...

I preferred the darker background too. It made all the colours stand out better. If you click on the picture in the earlier post you can see all the beadwork and gold thread amongst the cross stitch. When you look at the picture from differing angles, different parts sparkle.
I like it too!


Anonymous said...

LOve it, Love it! Lana this is just gorgeous, want to make it myself NOW! Well done to you :)

DavidofOz said...

Celtic Spring should make a nice pair with your Celtic Christmas. Mum's making Celtic Christmas on the same green material and it stands out very well. So we'll have a pair between our two houses!

Anonymous said...

Funnily enough i started Celtic Christmas on a light Teal material, then decided I was not too keen. I tried cream next, and have now started it for the third time on Anchor linen look evenweave in Pale Grey - am happy now. Will put some pics on lj when I get more done!