8 March 2006

Broken Glass for dessert

This dessert is always a success with children and adults. We are well known for bringing this when we visit family and friends' gatherings. It is called "Broken Glass" as each slice looks like a section of stained glass. We get some very odd looks when we ask, "Have you tried Broken Glass?"

Broken Glass
3 Packs Jelly (Jello/flavoured gelatine)
3 cups water
1 Tsp Gelatine (US: 2 Tsp Gelatine)
300 ml/10 oz Thickened Cream (US: Heavy Whipping Cream)
1 Tblspn icing sugar (US:confectioner's sugar)
2 drops vanilla essence
1 cup Pineapple juice

Set each Jelly separately with only one cup of water each (i.e. Double strength) and allow to set overnight.
Dissolve gelatine in hot pineapple juice.
Let cool.
The colder the mixture gets the faster you need to fold in the ingredients.

Beat cream, sugar and vanilla essence.
Fold in juice/gelatine mixture.

Cut jellies into medium sized cubes/chunks, and fold into cream mixture.
Pour into Jelly mould and set.

Serve either on its own or with cream or ice cream. Cut into slices to get nicest stained glass effect.

(Note: This was tricky to convert to the US as Thickened Cream is not available. Extra gelatine is needed to thicken the cream.)

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