30 March 2006

Family Swarm

Last week I was away from home on business, visiting various clients and ending up in Melbourne before returning home. All told, I was away from Monday morning through to Sunday evening.
When I returned home I was surrounded by all the children competing with each other to tell me everything they had done for the week. I was only able to blow a kiss to Lana standing at the rear. Although I already knew all the highlights from my regular calls to Lana, the children insisted I hear it directly rather than third hand.
As I was trying to field six insistent voices and concentrate on all they were revealing, I thought, "Now I know how Mum and Dad feel when they visit!"
This is a swarm of affection from those who love each other and understand that being a family means sharing experiences. Unconsciously the children know that for me to understand and love them I have to know what they did - or at least the highlights. One made this, another learnt a new trick, yet another had read an interesting tale or heard a story they wanted to share.
The whole family was able to participate in this onslaught as each was able to add their knowledge of the event with their view or participation.
Although I find my times away quiet (too quiet!) I really enjoy the arrival at home.

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