3 March 2006

Jocelyn & Gwendoline

Gwendoline - Black and Gold blackwork

Jocelyn - Lana's first blackwork

To try something different, Lana put her hand to some blackwork. I queried the name as it was not just black, but also gold thread. I was just shooed away as being too literal to understand.

Blackwork apparently describes the style or technique and not the colour. Silly me. It was traditionally done in black but now is done in whatever colour the stitcher prefers.

Click for a closer look and you will see the interesting detail of which blackwork is stitched. Rather than crosses of varying colours, there are a variety of stitches, mostly backstitch, giving shades and detail. The number of threads defines thicker or thinner lines. The edges use two strands, whilst the patterns are mostly in one, with cross stitch along the bottom of the dress and hat thingy.
Now these are framed too, so more happy dances!

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