25 March 2006

The Battle of Middle-Earth

by Eric

Recently, we bought a computer game called The Lord of the Rings, The Battle of Middle-Earth. All three boys put their money together to buy it. The Battle of Middle-Earth is an interesting and fun game where you can command the armies and heroes of Gondor, Rohan, Isengard or Mordor. Each different country has special kinds of troops and buildings. Some are stronger then others, some cheaper then others.
There are two ways to play, either campaign and skirmish. In campaigns you replay the battle scenes from the three movies, you can control the good or the evil forces. In the good campaigns you start of as the Fellowship in Moria. In the evil campaigns you start at Isengard as Saruman.
In skirmishes you choose to be one of the four countries of Middle-earth, choose your colour, location and enemies.
The graphics are extremely well done. We are enjoying the time we are able to play. We wish we were allowed to play it more ;-).
[Note from David: The boys have an allowance of 2 hours per week. They can earn more if they do something productive on the computer, such as writing a blog post like this.]

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patternnuts said...

I am sorry Lana but I think I can speak for a few.... We are dunbfounded! They are all good choices! I think this calls for an "Eenie-Meenie-Miney-Moe". Sorry I couldn't be of more help