7 March 2006

She'll be apples

Rose concentrating on getting the apple peel.
Yesterday Lana's Mum and Dad delivered a bag full of apples they had collected from a local apple tree. The birds hadn't yet cleared it of apples. Beauty! Apple time.
Using a very handy combination apple peeler, corer and cutter we picked up from Walmart quite cheaply, Ariel - with Rose's assistance - began the process.
I then cut the apple spirals in half creating semi circles and Clare placed them on the rack of the food dehydrator. The peels and cores were placed in the pot by Rose for boiling into Apple Jelly.
This morning, the boys put most of the dried apples into a container, after eating a portion. The house now smells of cooking apples with the aroma of apple sauce and boiling apple jelly spreading through the house. Mmmm.

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