30 March 2006

Clare's wishes come true

Quick! Blow out the candles before the cake melts!
This week Clare was able to be the centre of attention.
She awoke to find lollies under everyone's bowls and some presents at her spot for the day - Dad's chair.
All were able to share in her favourite cereal and everyone sang Happy Birthday as she opened her presents.
On a birthday, the song Happy Birthday is sung many times during the day. We noticed that Americans don't sing this song properly. After the song is over, someone is supposed to shout, "Hip! Hip!" and everyone replies "Hooray!". That's the correct way! We added the last bit at every birthday we attended in the US, and despite the odd looks, everyone knew what to do.
Meals on a birthday are the decision of the Birthday boy or girl. When asked, Clare replied, "Ice Cream Cake!" So Clare didn't really care about dinner, she was just looking forward to her dessert.
You can see the "cake" in the picture. We didn't have a number five, but Clare thought having two candles that add up to five is even better!

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Anonymous said...

Well, good for her! And a big Happy, Happy Brithday! (a bit belated, but still heartfelt) : )

What a creative idea for the #5.

Our Annie Claire turns 5 in December. I'm calling her now to come see the pic. She "loves" parties and cake. : )