1 March 2006

Secret Needle Rolls

Lana and her Mum are participating in a Secret Needle Roll Exchange. This is organised by the Linabear Bulletin Board and each particpant is given another participant's name, with their preferences, and then an appropriate needle roll is created.
The needle roll is a little cross stitch which is then rolled and filled with stuffing. Athough they are supposed to be used to store embriodery and tapestry needles, like a pin cushion, they are too nice and just go on display!
The most difficult part was researching the options to create an appropriate design.
Mum made the Popcorn Bear for a lady in America who likes English designs. Mum modified the standard design from an English Cross stitch magazine to make the heart more red. The hearts border was from the stitch-along Lana has been doing. The lady received it on Monday and posted in on her blog.
Lana made the Birth stone dragon for a lady in Finland. It is based on a free pattern from Dragon Dreams a few years ago with a black work trim along the top and bottom. The lady received it yesterday and posted it on her blog too.
We couldn't post our picture until we knew they had both received the needle rolls because they are meant to be a surprise.


Selina said...

wow, they're really beautiful. Lana and her mom did a great job on it :)

Anonymous said...

Lovely picture ladies, they are both beautiful :)

patternnuts said...

Thank you so very much- I love the Popcorn Bear! Beautiful in every possible way!
~Angela, from America