3 March 2006

That Rotten Thing

That Rotten Thing doesn't look too bad after all.
Lana has finally had a number of her cross stitch works framed. We will be displaying them over the next few posts.

This is a Paula Vaughn design called "Rose of Sharon". As it was a colour chart, Lana dubbed it "That Rotten Thing" and it took ten years to complete. The completion time was not because it was extra large or complex. Lana just really dislikes colour graphs so kept putting it off. Each time she found the pattern when we moved she mumbled, that rotten thing and shoved it back in her stash.
Then one day she decided it would not beat her and stubbornly finished the rotten thing. It turned out OK after all.
The reason Lana disliked the pattern was she likes to make a working copy and then mark off the progress using a highlighter. Colour graphs do not photocopy well so the exact colour thread is at times difficult to ascertain.

We have now overcome this hurdle. We cut the pattern into A4/letter size pages and laminate each page, then mark off our progress using a red overhead projector pen. Whiteboard markers rub off too easily and permanent markers are too permanent.


Bretta said...

For a "rotten thing" I have to say this one and Celtic Spring are my favorite of your pieces so far. Beautiful! :o)

DavidofOz said...

I really liked it when I bought it but the hassles of the coloured graph soured my opinion. And then it was just hanging around spreading negative thoughts. Now that it's framed I'm sure I'll get to like it again. It's done! Finished AND framed!