3 March 2006

Peter the High Elf Bowman

This is Peter's latest costume. Here he describes it to me as I type:
I am a High Elf bowman of Rivendell from Lord of the Rings.
The only time you see the High Elves is in the Last Alliance of Second Age that attacked Mordor. The Last Alliance was of men and elves. They are very great shots. The High Elves are a better close combat that Lothlorien Elves. The Second Age orcs weren't as clever as Third Age ones.
First I had army overalls on and then I put on a yellow robe from the nativity play. And then chainmail (Ariel's vest) and then cardboard armour and a cardboard helmet. I made the armour with cardboard and duct tape. When Grandma and I were going around the big block I found a stick and it had notches on it. I was snapping the notches off and I hurt my thumb. I asked Opa for some string and he went into his van and he gave me green string and I tied it onto the stick. And that's my bow!
(His previous costumes are here and here)


Anonymous said...

From Daniel, age 8, in Texas (bws's son)

Dear Peter, I think you're costume is very cool!

DavidofOz said...

From Peter:

Eric and me made it. I think I'll go out and make another one. Bye.