31 March 2006

Another Bruggie Trek

See you next week!
Posting may be light next week as we embark on another Bruggie Trek leaving Mum and Dad to mind the fort. The purpose is to visit Marian Valley in Canungra Queensland so I can help the new Prior with the computer and accounting system. The secondary
purpose (but more important according to the rest of the family) is a holiday!
We always class holidays as School Excursions. On any trip we do the following educational tasks:
- Explore new areas of the country (Geography),
- Learn about past events at landmarks and historical sites (History);
- Listen to lots of unabridged audio books (English and literature);
- Meet many new people and families (Socialisation);
- Calculate times and distances in miles, kilometres and hours (Maths);
- Catch up on lots of prayer time (Religion);
- Run around a lot, games at the beach or park (Sport);
- Eat a variety of foods (Home Economics);
("How about playing" cries out Clare as I read out this list)
- and Play a lot (Recess).
We also take lots of photos and get to record it for posterity here!
So if you ever see a homeschooling family away from home, now you know they aren't avoiding school work, they're on a field trip.

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Rebecca said...

I love the breakdown of subjects. I will now look at field trips in a whole new light! Thanks!