1 April 2006

Where fools rush on ...

Looking for signs.
Starting our Trek on April 1st was always a brave move. Our initial plans were to leave pretty early so we could have a leisurely 9 hours driving with plenty of breaks. Unfortunately, my work vehicle did not get fixed in time so we had to pop into the mechanic's to pick up items we needed for the trip. So with our departure delayed by an hour or so we were finally off.
After getting through Sydney pretty easily and joining the Sydney-Newcastle freeway all was well. Until Clare realised she felt unwell AS she was throwing up. Bah! So we had our first unscheduled stop at a little rest area below one of the many bridges. Whilst we were cleaning up, Eric had a look around with his binoculars and Clare changed her clothes.
Amazingly, other than this, the trip was very straight forward. Unfortunely, with everything being bypassed, the first place we could get food was at about 3:00pm. That's why we pack lots of food in the car. We arrived at our first destination, another homeschooling family's place, at 6:00pm just as another family arrived.
Our hosts had arranged to have two other families visit whilst we were there. On the way up our children had asked, "Will there be children there our ages?" With three other families there was bound to be plenty of new friends, probably at least three for each child.
Sure enough, there were eight adults and 29 children of all ages. We had a lovely typical Australian barbeque (sausages and steak), with the blokes holding a beer whilst cooking, tending the roaring fire, and smoke gushing everywhere. Perfect. Combined with salads and bread, a perfect repast.

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