7 October 2005

Unpacking surprises

The majority of our furniture, equipment, kitchen stuff and whatever we didn't take to the US were all stored in a spare room. This week we have been unpacking and discovering many items we had forgotten we had and were glad we hadn't thrown out in our pre-move cleaning frenzy.
One surprise we didn't expect to find was a mouse. Lana's parents had set a trap in the spare room
with no success once they noticed the mouse's calling cards. When we began unpacking some boxes in the house the mouse rushed out and scampered from hiding place to hiding place. The children had fun chasing him until he hid underneath the lounges. We knew he couldn't chew through the steel and solid walls, so we reset traps inside.
By day two he had been caught. James wanted to keep him as a pet. Not - a - chance.
The trap we used was a plastic one which works very well using peanut butter as bait. Unlike cheese which can be pinched/stolen without setting off the trap, when the mouse tries to lick or eat the peanut butter - SNAP!

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